Our history

Nizhneamurskaya Gornaya Kompaniya was founded in February 2003. Over the past years, by the joint efforts of true professionals such as geologists, geophysicists, surveyors, drillers, bulldozer drivers, drivers, field workers, laboratory assistants, economists, accountants, the Company has become one of the largest enterprises in the Russian Far East, specializing in geological prospecting and drilling.

Since its inception, the Company has successfully completed exploration works at more than 70 sites in all constituent entities of the Far Eastern Federal District, as well as in Zabaykalsky Krai and Altai Krai. As a result of our work, twenty-six ore occurrences were explored with our participation and approved by state reserves, and they received the status of ore deposits. Ten deposits have already mining and processing complexes built or under construction.Mineral deposits: Davydovskoye, Belaya Gora, Albazino, Blagodatnoye, Chul’batkan (Khabarovsk Krai), Danchenkovskoye ( Urup island), Topolikhinskoye (Jewish Autonomous Oblast), Nasedkino and Klyuchi (Zabaykalsky Krai). Geologists from the Nizhneamurskaya Gornaya Kompaniya became the discoverers of the Polyanka gold-silver deposit in the Nikolaevsky ( Khabarovsk Krai), which is also currently being commissioned.