Drilling rigs

     Our company has a fleet of advanced drilling rigs of the following companies: Boart Longyear Inc. (Canada) and Almazgeobur LLC. required for a full range of diamond core drilling operations: - BoartLongyear LF-70 - 2 units; - BoartLongyear LF-90 - 6 units; - RS-90 by Almazgeobur production - 3 unit.      All drilling rigs are mounted in insulated container-type buildings and suitable for work at low temperatures in Extreme North environment. We use MudMaster drill pipes in the following sizes: - NQ –75.7 mm well diameter, 47.6 mm diameter core - HQ - 96 mm well diameter, 85 mm diameter core - PQ - 122.6 mm well diameter, 63.5 mm diameter core.     The URB-2A2 drilling rig based on the Ural moto vehicle is used when performing engineering-geological and hydrogeological works with the required drilling diameter of 118mm - 135mm.