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Nizhneamurskaya Gornaya Kompaniya is largest geological prospecting enterprises in the Far East, which has been engaged in comprehensive prospecting of mineral deposits for fifteen years. The company’s core activities:

  • mining and drilling work accompanied with geological and mining surveyor support;
  • hydrogeological and geological engineering work;
  • sample preparation work;
  • analytical studies;

Due to the high quality of drilling operations and full implementation of the commitments contained, Nizhneamurskaya Gornaya Kompaniya has established itself as a reliable and efficient partner in carrying out in a wide range of geological exploration service.

To perform this work, the company has at its disposal highly qualified personnel, as well as a fleet of state-of-art Boart Longyear drilling machinery, bulldozers, and motor vehicles. The enterprise has mobile laboratories for sample preparation and analytical laboratories.

Since 2003, our enterprise has performed surveillance and prospecting work on more than 70 sites of the Siberia and Far Eastern federal districts, with 10 mining and processing complex built or under construction based on results of this work

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The priorities of the NIZHNEAMUR MINING COMPANY are the quality of work, time optimization, a flexible approach to meeting customer needs. See our objects on the map, and read the detailed information on each of them.

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